01 Introduction

Expanding agricultural fields makes farmer more financially independent
The solar pump system combines a durable AC pump with a battery-free CAPOSOL PV system. By using the solar pump system, it is possible to supply the necessary water at the optimum time, thus realizing stable agriculture and expanding the cultivated area. The system will mainly be used to increase on agricultural production and cut on dependency or the rain season for agriculture. Agriculture an industry that employs over 70 % of population in Sub-Saharan Africa still suffers from mainly being subsistence and reliance on the rain season. Using the solar irrigation pump will eliminate that and thus allow for expanded field cultivation. This will pave way for monetization of agriculture and as a result improve the farmers’ standards of living.

02 The best well pump (DC pump or AC pump)

The best well pump to use when powered by renewable energy.
When pumping water from a well, the pump to choose depends on the depth of the well and the water depth.
A DC submersible pump is best for deep wells that have been bored by a special machine to a water depth of at least 2 meters.
DC pumps are available in voltages of 12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 72 V, and 96 V. Since the voltage of DC pumps is lower than that of AC pumps, the longer the power cable, the lower the voltage and the lower the pumping capacity. For this reason, we recommend a DC pump of 24V or higher for pumping from a well. Our recommendation is the 24V type. DC submersible pumps are very sensitive to sand, so they are not suitable for shallow wells or wells with large diameters where sand and garbage can easily enter from the outside.
For wells up to 8m deep, pumps for shallow wells can be used. For shallow wells with large diameters and for pumping from rivers, land-based pumps that can be used even at shallow water depths are recommended, and AC pumps are widely used. These are the best to utilize.

AC pumps for shallow wells
DC submersible pumps for deep wells (for boreholes only)

03 CAPOSOL AC Pump System

Easy installation for irrigation system
The land-based pump is portable, just like an engine pump.
By moving the land-based pump to a remote well and connecting the pump to the solar system with an extension cable, multiple wells in a wide area can be utilized with a single system. This makes it possible to supply water to a large area, just like an irrigation system.

04 Specification Solar AC Pump System

AC Pump CPS-AC150 CPS-AC250 CPS-AC400
Output 150W 250W 400W
Comsumption 230W 350W 540W
Pumping from 8m 22L/m 28L/m 42L/m
Pumping from 2m 28L/m 35L/m 46L/m
Solar 400-500W 500-750W 750-1000W

05 DC Submersible Pump

DC submersible pumps are the best choice for bored deep wells with water depths of 2 m or more, and are inexpensive. DC submersible pumps need to be installed suspended at least 1 meter above the well bottom to avoid sand, as shown in the figure below.
The DC submersible pump has a special controller for each voltage, and the output is automatically adjusted according to the solar power generation.