Drinking water

There are many areas in the world that do not have access to sufficient drinking water. Most of the rural areas in developing countries use groundwater, but even if the groundwater looks clean, it may not be sanitary. This is because pathogens are invisible.

Membrane Technologies

Japan’s state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology can remove not only impurities such as mud, but also pathogens such as viruses. Membrane purification does not require the use of any chemicals, and thus provides extremely stable water quality. These technologies have already been exported and widely used around the world, but until now, they have been limited to urban areas because they require a stable commercial power supply for filtration.

With the development of the energy-saving type, it is now possible to combine it with our battery-less solar power generation system and produce large amounts of drinking water in a stable manner even in areas without electricity. In addition, the purification system using membrane technology is very compact and does not require a large space.


Our smallest device can purify approximately 1000 liters of drinking water from common surface water in one hour. The device includes a function to clean the membrane, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. Depending on the water quality, the membrane can last over 5 years even with 8 hours of daily usage.