This is the website of the Solar Division of Tsuji Plastic company
We have a unique technology for solar power generation. In general, in order to utilize renewable energy, it is necessary to connect to a battery. However, The batteries are very expensive and need to be replaced on a regular basis. This maintenance cost is a major issue. That is why we have developed a system that does not require batteries, and we have called this technology CAPOSOL and made it our new brand. We will continue to develop products that improve the lives of people in developing countries.


Name Tsuji plastics Co., Ltd.
Address 160 Gokashooku-cho, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga 529-1423
Capital 10 million JPY (as of September 2020)
Contact person Mr. Yoshikatsu TSUJI
TEL: +81-748-48-2206
Company foundation 31th October, 1988
The type of business
Manufacturing industry