High Quality Road Studs can reduce the traffic accidents

Many countries in Africa are developing their economies at a high speed, so the road infrastructure development is quite important and for which much budget is spent every year. However, because of developed infrastructure, the speed of vehicles is increasing and traffic accidents increasing at the same time.
The safety measures, especially at night when serious accidents likely to happen, are the must.
Many accidents occur at curves, intersections, and speedbumps on the road. Our company proposes the most effective product to avoid such accidents. Let’s take a look at countermeasures for the night time black spots.

01 Road Studs for Centerline

Once you bury it on the road, it starts blinking the light from the evening of the same day.
All the necessary device for its independent function is built in this small box and no outside power source nor maintenance are required.
It flashes on the road in the dark and attracting attention of danger and helping to estimate of the curve size and edge line position for drivers easily.

02 Road Studs for Intersection

The one of major accident point is intersection. The accidents happened at intersections are collisions, which are usually fatal accidents. When you drive in the dark, you might overlook intersections, even if you know the road very well. By installing “Road studs for intersection” at the center of intersection, you can check the location of intersection from far away. In addition to normal type, we prepared the type for irregular intersection.


03 Road Studs for Stop line

It is effective to install stop line road studs at the stop line before the intersection.
Drivers can see the exact location of the stop line from a distance, allowing them to slow down in advance and stop at the exact location. It is also effective to place them in front of speed humps.

05 Case Study in Tanzania