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JICA Internship: Addressing Power Infrastructure Challenges

Addressing Power Infrastructure Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa
In the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, a region brimming with potential, a pressing challenge persists – the deficiency of power infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. Welcoming interns from four distinct countries – Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Madagascar – this time around, we delve into the depths of this common concern.
While the nuances may differ across these diverse lands, the shared reality of inadequate power supply in rural areas remains constant. It’s here that the sun’s radiance shines strong, unwavering throughout the year. Taking advantage of this abundant resource, we’ve developed a system tailored to the uniqueness of this region.
We have already developed an innovative solar system for Africa and are supplying it to South Sudan.
Today, under the clear skies of opportunity, we showcased its prowess.

Solar system that runs an induction cooker without batteries.
You have never seen anything like this!