ABE Initiative

ABE Initiative Summer Internship 2021 Part2

Demand for Solar Pumps

Agriculture is the main industry in Malawi. However, even though there is ample rainfall, farmers are unable to expand their cultivated land due to very little irrigation maintenance. By installing a solar pump system, it is possible to expand agricultural production. She experienced a DC pump with 350W output and an AC pump with 250W output. These pumps are powered by a solar system that does not require batteries. She felt that the 250W AC pump was more powerful.

Water purification system for drinking water

She experienced a purification system that does not use any chemicals. This system also runs on a solar system that does not require storage batteries, so it can be operated in areas where access to electricity is difficult.

Demand for Solar Road Studs

During her internship, there was another major road accident in Malawi, which apparently killed dozens of people. She could see how bright road studs can be to help with traffic safety at night.