01 Introduction

In sub-Saharan Africa, access to electricity is still difficult in many rural areas of the country. Unfortunately, some of those who do have access to electricity do not believe that rural electrification rates are so low. People in these rural areas have to spend long hours in the dark after sunset. This severely degrades their quality of life. It has also been noted that most people in rural areas are interested in solar power systems. However, people with low incomes find it difficult to adopt conventional solar systems because of the high maintenance costs due to the need for regular battery replacement. Even public institutions are burdened by the cost of battery replacement. There is a strong demand in the community for night lights and cell phone charging. In order to improve these needs in a sustainable way, we have developed a solar charger that has never existed before. We have already started operations in several countries.

02 Innovative Solar Chargers

This charger can be used to charge cell phones, rechargeable LED lanterns, etc. and is very easy to handle. The best feature of this charger is that it does not need to be connected to any storage batteries such as lead-acid batteries, making it maintenance free.
The solar charger can charge up to eight devices at the same time, and a button cell phone can be fully charged in about two to three hours. Therefore, it has the potential to charge a large number of devices every day, taking advantage of long daylight hours.

03 Rechargeable LED Lantern

The lanterns we supply are bright and safe. There is no risk of fire. Therefore, with safe light, people can not only enjoy life as they would during the day, but also have more time to read books and expand their knowledge.

04 Effects

Women who run stores and small businesses are now able to work longer hours thanks to the lighting provided by LED lanterns. As a result, their incomes have increased and their standard of living and quality of life has improved.

05 Function

The rechargeable LED lantern has a built-in power bank that can be fully charged in about 5-6 hours. The charged power bank can also be used to charge cell phones and other devices. In other words, the LED lantern is not only a source of light, but also a source of power for other gadgets. After a full charge, it can provide 24 hours of continuous light.

Being portable, LED lanterns can greatly improve the lives of residents by giving them a sense of security when they go out of their homes as well as inside.