Burkina Faso

Confirmation of introduction effects

Confirmation of introduction effects
We conducted a demonstration project last September on the suburbs of the capital of Burkina Faso using a solar charger that can be connected directly from a solar panel and a lantern with enhanced brightness. Our business partner visited the demonstration site to check the effectiveness of this project. We are renting the solar chargers on a subscription basis, not as a gift. It is very important to hear from the businesses that signed up.

Contractor is very satisfied with solar charger deal.
They explained that the charging businesses around them were not profitable, because of the high cost of battery maintenance. Furthermore, he told us, they have installed this product and are definitely profiting, because the charging speed is fast and the cost burden is very low. Therefore, they are very satisfied with the contract.

Request from contractor.
They were very happy with the deal, but asked him not to add any more contractors in the same area. They seemed relieved when he explained to them that he had planned in advance regarding limiting the number of contracts.

Lantern Evaluation
Our lanterns are a product of continuous improvement, with particular attention to brightness intensity and quality. How satisfied are the villagers?

Questions about lanterns
* Do the lanterns useful?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’very useful’
* is the lantern brightness good enough for your house or place ?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’Absolutely enough’
* How long does the battery of the lanterns can last ?
Answers: 95% of the answers said ’4 to 6 days’; 5% said ’3 to 4 days’
* Do you master how to operate the lanterns?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’Yes’
* What kind of light do you use before you obtain the lanterns?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’flashlight or Chinese solar lamps’
* Do the lanterns ever get broken ?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’never’
* Are you satisfied with the lanterns?
Answers: 100% of the answers said ’very satisfied’

Comparison of brightness between flashlight and lantern

This lantern was a very satisfactory product not only in Burkina Faso, but also in Niger, Senegal and Uganda.