A New Business Approach Emerging from Former Exchange Students

“A New Business Approach Emerging from Former Exchange Students – Venturing into Solar Power Business”

Our business partners with experience studying in Japan bring forth a powerful energy to our endeavors. Through collaboration with them, we strive to make the realization of business in Africa more feasible. In this initiative, we’ve reached a new stage and have become convinced.

The training conducted by our partners from South Sudan has been remarkably smooth. While we had previously transferred technical skills online, the necessity for detailed, hands-on training became evident. As a result, during the training, we installed our system in actual business settings and initiated the trial deployment of solar power. It was the fervent selection by them that resulted in choosing a tailor as the implementation partner. Given the existence of numerous tailors in Niger, a high demand is anticipated.

From these developments, we anticipate our system being able to meet various needs. With a new business approach emerging from African students’ experiences abroad, our venture into solar power in Africa is set to accelerate even further.