South Sudan

Revolutionizing Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Improving Lives with Community-Based Solar Systems
South Sudan Case Study
Our business partner in South Sudan is working on a contract with a business owner. The business needs to use a lot of power during the day and is highly compatible with our system. Our solar power system can run appliances without the need to connect to batteries. Therefore, even if they are connected to the battery for nighttime use, the load on the battery is very low.
A conventional solar power generation system stores the power it generates in a battery and then extracts the power needed to drive home appliances from the battery. Therefore, conventional systems place a heavy burden on the battery. If electricity is used heavily during the daytime, this is one of the causes of shortened battery life.
Contractors are amazed at how well the system performs when they see that the equipment they are using works without a battery connection. We are pleased that our local partners understand how to handle the equipment and are contributing to the power challenge in South Sudan. Locally adapted, state-of-the-art technology can significantly improve people’s lives.