South Sudan

Amazing Solar Potential in Africa

Amazing Solar Potential in Africa:
Harnessing Renewable Energy in South Sudan

Africa is home to amazing solar potential, and a remarkable example can be found in South Sudan. Despite being in the rainy season, the strength of the sunlight in this region is truly awe-inspiring.
A private clinic in South Sudan had been relying on generators to meet its significant electricity needs during the day. However, the high fuel costs associated with generators prompted them to explore alternative options. They decided to install a solar system from another company, but it proved insufficient to meet the clinic’s electricity needs.
Seeking a solution, the clinic turned to our partner, who designed and installed a custom solar system tailored to the clinic’s needs. On a slightly cloudy but sunny day, the installed 1000W solar panels produced an impressive 800W of electricity. The clinic owner was thrilled with the results, and needless to say, they no longer rely on generators for power.
The success story of this clinic demonstrates the immense potential of solar energy in Africa. Despite being in the rainy season, South Sudan is proving that harnessing the power of the sun is a viable and sustainable solution. It not only reduces costs, but also contributes to a greener and cleaner environment.
Discovering such untapped solar potential in Africa fills me with wonder and excitement. It is a testament to the immense opportunities for renewable energy across the continent.

Photo: 1000W specifications using two CAPOSOLs