South Sudan

A Tale of Misconnections and Inadequate Power

A Tale of Misconnections and Inadequate Power
We are fortunate that our business in South Sudan is thriving, with a growing number of customers waiting for installation. There are many cases in South Sudan where solar systems have been abandoned because many installers fail to build systems that meet the needs of the users. Today we will share a recent case study.
We received a request for advice from a private hospital in South Sudan. They had previously installed a solar PV system from another company, but it was not performing as expected. They requested our assistance in evaluating the system and providing solutions.
Upon investigation by our business partner, it was determined that not only were the equipment connections incorrect, but the capacity of the system was insufficient to meet the hospital’s power needs.
It is amazing to realize that there are numerous vendors who lack even the most basic knowledge, such as the need to select the same type of solar panels when using multiple panels.