JICA Internship

JICA Internship

We are running a short-term internship program for JICA. We were delighted to receive four requests from international students to participate in the program. They are from South Sudan, Uganda, Namibia, and Malawi, respectively. During the internship, we will first introduce our products and technologies. After our presentation, we give them a hands-on demonstration to deepen their knowledge of our products and technology.

Introduction to Solar Actived Road Studs
Observing installed Solar Road Studs

The product protrudes only 5 mm from the pavement surface

Chargers and Lanterns

The charger is not only battery-less but also fan-less for long-term maintenance-free operation. The charger can be operated by connecting multiple chargers simultaneously to a single solar panel. They can be easily expanded if a lot of use is expected, for example in schools.

Thanks to the lantern’s large light-emitting part (5 cm in height), it provides sufficient light over a wide area. They checked its brightness in a dark room.

The lantern’s power bank has a capacity of 5200mah and can charge gadgets from the lantern.