JICA Post-graduate Internship, one month later

Transfer of Maintenance Technology
It has been about a month since he started his long-term internship. He was a complete novice when it came to solar systems, but now he is able to set up small-scale solar systems based on power consumption. He plans to run a solar-related business in his home country, but he also plans to run a business using water purification systems. He is training hard on the skills needed for maintenance.

He is in the process of learning to assemble CAPOSOL and mastering its maintenance techniques.

He has learned to handle the water purification system well. He is currently training hard on the skills needed for maintenance.

In his home country of South Sudan, even the capital does not have adequate water supply infrastructure. In addition, groundwater is not suitable for drinking due to its high salinity, so they have no choice but to use surface water such as river water as raw drinking water. He will use this water purification system to provide safe drinking water to the community. In the future, the government of South Sudan will increase the supply of tap water. However, there are many areas in need of safe drinking water. The device weighs only 100 kg and is portable. It can be easily moved to other areas. It can be operated immediately there.