JICA Internship: A day of adventure

Enjoying with International Students! A Unique Holiday Experience in Kyoto

Hello there! Today is our internship holiday. We decided to make it a bit different and had a special day in Kyoto with international students from Africa. Let me share the highlights of our day!

First, we all met up at Kyoto Station. Since we were all hungry, we headed to a sushi restaurant for lunch. But this wasn’t just any sushi place! Sushi plates were coming around on a conveyor belt. The international students were thrilled by this unique experience. They picked their favorite sushi as it passed by, making lunchtime a fun and interactive affair. With a variety of options at reasonable prices, it was a fantastic idea indeed.

After we were full and satisfied, we set out to explore the historical sites of Kyoto. However, we decided to add a twist to the typical sightseeing.

We surprised everyone by donning ninja costumes and having a photoshoot! We didn’t actually go out in public like that, but the excitement was real. The international students had a blast posing as ninjas and capturing great memories. Their faces lit up with smiles as they transformed into ninja mode.