JICA’s Corporate Matchmaking Event in Osaka

Finding Future Business Partners: JICA’s Corporate Matchmaking Event

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to share an exciting experience I had while participating in JICA’s (Japan International Cooperation Agency) corporate matchmaking event, where companies had the chance to connect with international students.

Our company is actively expanding into developing countries, particularly in Africa, and we recognize the importance of having trustworthy local partners for overseas ventures. So, we joined this event with the goal of finding potential future business partners.

At the event, we set up our own booth to introduce our business offerings to the attending international students. The students were full of enthusiasm as they explored various company booths, eagerly seeking new business opportunities. While many students visited our booth, unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn’t engage in conversations with all of them, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

For the next event, we plan to make improvements to ensure more meaningful interactions with a larger number of students. Additionally, we were thrilled that this in-person event could take place amidst the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

JICA’s corporate matchmaking event offered an exciting opportunity to discover potential business partners for the future. We look forward to putting in more effort and eagerly anticipate building new business partnerships at the upcoming event. Stay tuned for more developments!