New Fiscal Year and Cherry Blossoms: A Hopeful New Start

In April, as the new fiscal year begins, Japan enters a season of new beginnings. During this time, cherry blossoms start to bloom, adorning the streets, parks, and school surroundings, their petals dancing in the breeze, a natural celebration of the new fiscal year.

Cherry blossoms, heralding the arrival of spring, instill new hope and anticipation. They bring a refreshing feeling, perfect for the start of a new year. People, while witnessing the blossoming of cherry blossoms, imbue their wishes for the coming year to be a good one.

During this period when the start of the new fiscal year aligns with the blooming of cherry blossoms, we reflect on past experiences and failures while embarking on new goals and dreams. By the time the cherry blossoms scatter, we will have taken a new step forward, ready for growth and change.

As the new fiscal year begins, may new hope and vitality also bloom in your hearts during this season. And like the cherry blossoms, may you be blessed with beautiful encounters and experiences, leading to a fulfilling year ahead.