Installation to Refugee Camps

Donations to refugee camps

There are many refugee camps in Africa. In Niger, where our business partners are active, there are also many refugee camps. As you all know, their lives are very strict. We installed solar chargers in Sayam Forage space and Maine Soroa space in Diffa region and distributed rechargeable lanterns to households in need of priority assistance. The nights without lights are long and hard. It is our hope that their lives will be improved in some small way by the light of a safe and bright lantern.

Sincere thanks

We would like to thank UN women,UNICEF and all those involved for their efforts in making this donation possible.

Our solar charger

This charger can be used to charge cell phones, rechargeable LED lanterns, etc. and is very easy to handle. The best feature of this charger is that it does not need to be connected to any storage batteries such as lead-acid batteries, making it maintenance free.
The solar charger can charge up to eight devices at the same time, and a button cell phone can be fully charged in about two to three hours. Therefore, it has the potential to charge a large number of devices every day, taking advantage of long daylight hours.