First contract of solar charger in Niger


After the completion of his long-term internship with us, he returned to Niger, where in November he began working to implement a charger rental service. However, the country of Niger, like other countries, has implemented various regulations to combat the Covid-19.It was under these circumstances that he was awarded his first contract.

Unelectrified Area

Here in Garbangou, 90km south of the capital, Niamey.
Very few rural areas in Niger have access to electricity. This village is one of them.

Charging Service

Cell phones are widespread in Niger. The percentage of smart phones is also high. Villagers here go to a village about 5 km away for charging services. However, the service provider comes to the neighboring village only once a week. Moreover, since many gadgets are connected to the generator at the same time, their batteries are rarely charged to full capacity.

Amazing behavior

Niger has long hours of daylight, and with our chargers, they can provide about 11 hours of charging service. The village we contracted with has a population of about 400 people. Three days a week is enough to charge the villagers’ cell phones. They are currently using these solar chargers to provide charging services in the surrounding villages.

We are glad to hear that our products have been very helpful to them!