Business in the Diffa Region


In Niger, with the exception of a few areas, there is a great deal of insecurity. Even if there is a request for introduction, new introduction is very limited due to the lack of security.

Business in the Diffa Region

DIFFA is located very far from the capital, Niamey. According to a search, it is 1370 km away. Our partner had the opportunity to go to Zinder, so he lent the equipment he had to a prospective distributor of Diffa, which is about a 7-hour drive from Zinder.

Great success

The day after he had installed all the products he had brought, he received a number of new inquiries from Diffa. However, he could not set the next scheduled delivery date due to security issues.


He is also in the process of renting them out to kiosks. Using rechargeable lanterns as well, the kiosks will have extended hours of operation.
We are hopeful that the kiosk owners will see an increase in their income.