Water Purification

Tap water

Tap water

With the exception of Japan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the only country in Asia where tap water is drinkable.
Japan supplies drinkable tap water, but because trace amounts of chlorine are used to disinfect the water, a certain percentage of people drink plastic bottled water that does not contain chlorine.
The UAE is a region with dry air and little rainfall throughout the year. Therefore, tap water is produced by desalinating seawater using desalination equipment that uses RO membranes; water filtered through RO membranes, as it is, is not very suitable for drinking. Therefore, they add not only mineral components to the extracted water, but also purified groundwater and surface water to make it suitable for drinking water. Because of the many processes required, the cost of producing drinking water is not cheap. Japan, with its abundant rainfall, is blessed with a water environment.

The situation in Dakar

Our business partner in Dakar, Senegal, frequently told us about the water shortage in Dakar. The situation is not as good as we imagined. The water supply is limited to certain hours and many people are not satisfied with the quality of the water.

Water Business in Dakar

Our business partner in Senegal will start selling purified water using the water purification equipment we supply.