Opening a sales outlet in Dakar Part 1

To open a sales outlet
We are opening a quality water outlet in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, using water filtration equipment. Our team members are here in Dakar for this purpose. Due to the pandemic, this is our first trip abroad in a long time.

It has been a long time since we have been to Dakar, and a new high-speed train has been built. The train is very comfortable, and the fare is good and affordable. We used this train to get from the center of Dakar to the area where our store is located, avoiding the time loss due to traffic jams.

Here in Dakar, no one wears a mask, but on high-speed trains, all passengers are required to wear masks.

Store Locations
The first store was to be opened in a relatively high-income area, but at the request of a local business partner, we decided to do so in an area where no competitors were operating. This area is home to the average income households in Dakar. If we could succeed in such an area, the area in which we could operate the store would be vast.

Local demand
Although tap water is widely available in the area where the sale will begin, many local residents are not satisfied with the quality of the water. As a result, many residents are looking for inexpensive purified water. Although it is not uncommon and routine for people living in Dakar to buy quality purified water for a fee, many find the cost to be a burden on their household budgets.