Opening a sales outlet in Dakar Part2

Preparation for Installation
Before the trip, the business partner conducted a feasibility study in the area and secured a storefront. Thanks to our partner’s preparation, we were able to begin procurement of the necessary components immediately. We shipped the main equipment from Japan, but decided to procure the peripheral components, such as water storage tanks, locally, taking into account the transportation costs. We had to secure those components.

Since we were not able to procure parts as expected, we made some changes to the equipment layout and proceeded to set up the equipment at once.

About our purification equipment
The equipment we have prepared for developing countries uses specialized hollow fiber membranes to not only remove impurities from the water, but also bacteria such as E. coli and norovirus. Noroviruses are so small that water from which they are removed virtually eliminates the risk of gastroenteritis outbreaks.

Long membrane life
Our goal was to increase the expected life of the equipment by slightly reducing the purificication capacity and reducing the electronic controls to achieve a low failure rate. In addition, in conventional equipment, as impurities accumulate on the membrane, the filtration capacity decreases. Therefore, the membrane must be replaced periodically. The equipment we have developed has a membrane cleaning function that significantly extends the life of the membrane. Competitor products in the region require monthly membrane replacement, while ours is scheduled for five years.