Water Purification

Japanese Technology Delivering Clear Water

In the corners of Dakar, Senegal’s capital, people yearn for pure drinking water. Amidst this, in 2022, our business partner introduced our water purification products, initiating the provision of affordable purified water. This move was met with great joy from the local residents.

Our product is distinct from typical purification systems, possessing a membrane cleaning function that eliminates the need for frequent membrane replacements. This allows significant cost reduction. Furthermore, we also offer a solar power system specification. This enables the introduction of our products even in areas with insufficient power supply, and ensures low maintenance costs.

Our next challenge lies in Niger, where our business partner is located. In areas where groundwater is consumed directly, harmful bacteria and viruses may be present even if the water appears clear. There are also areas where access to safe water is difficult. To overcome these issues, we conducted a demonstration project in Niamey, the capital of Niger, purifying the murky water of the Niger River into drinking water. The project received high acclaim from local residents, fostering hopes for future business development.

Our goal is to provide safe and high-quality drinking water, safeguard people’s safety, and enrich their lives. To achieve this, we will continue to utilize Japan’s advanced technology and keep on challenging. We hope that our technology will continue to nurture water safety and people’s smiles.