Road Safety Measures at Night in Laos


Our team is here in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.
Here in Vientiane, traffic accidents are one of the most important issues that they face. Particularly at night, the incidence of serious accidents is increasing, and fatalities are also common. The causes of traffic accidents include high vehicle speeds and drunk driving. Improving human error will take time, but making roads safer can also reduce the number of accidents.


Vientiane’s main roads are well maintained, wide and easy to drive on. The road in the photo is one of the main roads, with a wide width and good visibility. However, at the point where the photo was taken, it is a black spot where many traffic accidents occur at night. On this road, the visibility is extremely poor at night, as the center line markings are barely visible and the lighting is not sufficient. There are also many side roads to the main line, which greatly increases the risk of accidents.
By installing the solar actived road studs at the center line and stop lines from side roads, drivers will be able to drive more safely.


Vehicle speeds are higher on roads with a width of 6 meters or more. At intersections where these roads intersect, traffic accidents are more frequent at night. Especially at intersections where traffic signals are not installed, it is not uncommon for people to overlook the intersection and cause a serious accident, even on roads they are familiar with on a daily basis.
By installing solar actived road studs from before the intersection, drivers can be alerted.