Pilot Projects

To Tanzania

First time in Tanzania(Julius Nyerere International Airport)

We noticed that Tanzania has one of the highest death rates due to traffic accidents in Africa and thought that our product (solar road studs) might be useful. Thus we came to Tanzania for preliminary research.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the economic center of the country and is already very urbanized. It is more urban than where I live. On the way to the hotel, I was surprised to see so many Japanese cars.

BRT(Bus Rapid Transit)

Dar es Salaam has a population of over 4 million.
The city faces some challenge of which not only traffic accidents but also traffic jams. In order to reduce traffic jams, BRT has been introduced to reduce traffic jams, and it was very impressive.

Speed humps

Speed humps as seen in Kenya.
HUMPs are installed to control the speed of vehicles. Unfortunately, HUMPs are also one of the causes of accidents