Solar Power

Electricity Has Come to Our Home

In Africa, there are still many areas that have not been graced with the benefits of electricity. In such regions, nights are spent in deep darkness, and even the desire for the breeze of an electric fan on a hot day is unfulfilled. Even the simple act of opening the refrigerator for a cold drink is impossible without electricity.

However, today, a transformation has come to one family’s life. They were able to install their first solar system. Their anticipation shines as bright as a comet traveling through the vast universe.
For the first time, a light shone in their once dark home. It’s as bright as daytime even at night, and outside, the security lights provide a safe environment. With this, their children can now study even at night.

From now on, they can live every day with electricity. The transition from darkness to light in their lives will surely bring joy beyond their expectations. They can’t wait for their future life with electricity. We hope that the day will come sooner when everyone can enjoy the benefits of electricity.