Pilot Projects

Initiation of Education Environment Enhancement Project

Initiation of Education Environment Enhancement Project: Introducing Solar Systems to Schools in South Sudan

A new project aimed at improving the educational environment in South Sudan has commenced. We are dedicated to enhancing learning conditions by introducing solar systems to schools in areas without electricity access. This project is entirely self-funded and is being carried out as part of our commitment to the local community.

In South Sudan, we have been selling our cutting-edge solar systems. Leveraging this technology and expertise, we aspire to elevate the quality and accessibility of education by providing sustainable power supply to schools in the region. Electricity shortages in areas without power hinder the educational environment and impede students’ learning. Our project is a step towards addressing this challenge.

However, unforeseen obstacles have emerged during the initial stages of the project. Vehicle troubles occurred during the transportation of equipment. We will report on the project in the near future.