Pilot Projects

Bringing Electricity to South Sudan’s Secondary Schools

Bringing Electricity to South Sudan’s Secondary Schools! Improving the Learning Environment

Hello, everyone! Today, let’s talk about the education environment in South Sudan, specifically the introduction of solar systems in Secondary Schools. We are running a project aimed at improving the educational environment in off-grid areas of South Sudan, and we’d like to share our achievements.

In South Sudan, many students face difficulties continuing their education beyond Primary School due to various family circumstances and limited access. These constraints have deprived even the most motivated students of educational opportunities. However, Secondary School represents a ray of hope for those eager to learn.

To address this issue, we initiated a project to introduce solar systems to Secondary Schools in off-grid areas. This system includes lights installed in classrooms, enabling students to continue studying even after dark. Additionally, we installed power outlets in the teachers’ room, allowing the use of essential devices like laptops for educational purposes.

Furthermore, we provided rechargeable lanterns. These lanterns not only optimize lighting for at-home studying but also feature an internal power bank, enabling students to charge their mobile phones, radios, and other devices. This ensures that students can continue their studies not only at school but also at home.

Our goal is to provide equal educational opportunities to people in remote areas of South Sudan by promoting sustainable solar systems with minimal battery reliance.

The success of this project is thanks to the dedication of former South Sudanese students who studied in Japan and applied their knowledge to improve the local education environment. We are grateful for their contributions.