01 Introduction

We have unique technology in solar power generation and are developing products that utilize its features. Typically, renewable energy requires connection to batteries, which are expensive and need frequent replacement. Sub-Saharan Africa has vast areas without electricity access, yet receives consistently strong sunlight throughout the year, but solar power adoption is not as widespread as expected. We believe that one bottleneck is the cost of batteries. Therefore, we have developed a solar system that does not require batteries and does not burden them when connected.

02 Products

CPV-400 is capable of supporting up to 500W, which is sufficient to power most household appliances. By connecting in parallel, systems of 1000W or 1500W can be easily constructed. Additionally, this system imposes minimal load on batteries, making it suitable for use with batteries available in developing countries. Consequently, battery lifespan can be significantly extended, and even if the battery reaches the end of its lifespan, the system can function adequately with daytime usage alone. This product is designed to enhance suitability in regions with stable sunlight.