We have a unique technology that utilizes renewable energy. We are developing products that use this technology and are expanding our business in developing countries. We are looking for local business partners from foreign students.
This is because we want our business partners to learn technology. After the students graduate, they also learn basic skills through long-term internships.
So far, two students have become business partners, and they are currently working as entrepreneurs in their home countries.

2019 Mr. Thiam Moustapha from Senegal

Mr. Thiam Moustapha received his master’s degree from a Japanese university in September 2019 and received training in technology transfer as a partner at Tsuji Plastics Co.
The company he represents, SENTECH ENERGY, is the exclusive distributor for the country of Senegal.


After completing his master’s degree at a Japanese university in June 2020, he was trained in technology transfer as a partner of Tsuji Plastics Co.
NIGER is located in the Sahel, where both electricity and water are lacking. After learning about Japanese technology, he established a company in Niger to solve problems in his country.
DAWEYE SERVICES, of which he is the president, is the exclusive distributor in Niger.