Pilot Projects

Pilot Ploject 2 in Uganda 2019


Every time when we visit African countries, we have meeting and share our activities in those countries with JICA, Japan embassy and some of related organizations. This time, we visited REA (Rural Electrification Agency) for having meeting and introducing our system. REA is specifically operating rural electrification management. Undoubtedly, it is one of our future partners.
You guess how to have meeting with this agency? One of ABE initiative students from Uganda introduced our company to them and he set up the meeting before we were visiting. Thanks to his support, we realized to have meeting with them.

Going to an Island on lake Victoria

How come we go to small island?
REA requested us to investigate Bussi islands located on the lake Victoria. In fact, getting to this islands is pretty hard.

Firstly, we negotiated fishermen who have a boat at Entebbe shore. Then, putting our equipment away on the boat. From shore to Bussi island took 30 minutes by an engine boat. We finally made it and we noticed that the island has no electricity at all.

REA staff contacted Bussi island who is working in town hall before we are landing, things went smoothly.
As soon as we got there, we visited town hall and got permission of doing experiment in this island. A person in charge welcomed to us and listened our introduction carefully. He seemed he is interested in our products and our activity in Uganda. A community chairman guided us and introduced the island situation. He helped our activity a lot. It seemed like Islanders have a lot of confidence in him. He must be a trustworthy person.
Considering the island size, we decided to install solar charger in center of town.
They have a kiosk and a few shops alongside the main road.People are passing by this road frequently so, installing solar charger in Kiosk is definitely good idea.

At first, we were showcased the products and demonstrated how to use it. Expecting that people have difficult time to get to English. An Ugandan lady translated from English to their local language called “Luganda” We had fruitful time there and are excited to go back here next February to collect their feedback!