South Sudan

Sending packages to South Sudan

Sending packages to South Sudan
When we were considering sending packages to South Sudan, we received a response from a Japanese shipping company that they did not provide transportation services to South Sudan. However, we have now tried sending packages through a network of international students.

This network is a group of students from various African countries studying in Japan. They are well connected with the local people and provided us with advice and assistance with the procedures for sending the package.
Before sending our luggage, we checked with members of the network about the local postal situation and customs duties, and received advice on how to send it. We then sent the package through a local shipping company they introduced and regularly checked the status of the package.

As a result, the package arrived unexpectedly quickly and was received safely. Moreover, the cost was affordable, which we were happy about. We were reminded once again of the importance of networking with local people when sending packages to developing countries.