ABE Initiative

JICA Internship: Water Purification System

Japanese Company’s Efforts in Contributing to Water Purification in Africa

Hello, everyone! As part of the JICA Internship Program, we are introducing our company’s products to students from Africa. This program aims to bridge the gap between international students and Japanese companies, and we are playing our part in it.

One of our business partners specializes in innovative membrane technology. Their technology is used to produce purified water and finds applications in various areas, including advanced semiconductor cleaning and medical-grade water. Building upon their technology, we are developing water purification systems for Africa. Particularly in rural regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, access to electricity and clean drinking water is challenging. To address these issues, we are working to provide purification systems that can enhance the living conditions in these areas.

Today, we provided a detailed explanation about our water purification system. The students observed how turbid water passes through the system and transforms into clear water, and they were amazed by its effectiveness. This purification system not only conserves energy but also boasts a high purification capacity. Furthermore, it can be operated using solar power systems, making it suitable for regions with limited access to electricity.

Sub-Saharan Africa still faces many challenges, but we are tackling them with technology and passion, aiming to improve the lives of the people in the region. Sustainable water supply is a fundamental and crucial challenge, and we are dedicated to addressing it earnestly.

Moving forward, we will continue to uphold the spirit of technological innovation and international cooperation, contributing to the future of Africa. Stay tuned for more updates!