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ABE Initiative Summer Internship 2021 Part1

Summer Internship 2021, Part 1

Second summer since the spread of COVID 19.
The number of new cases has increased so rapidly.
The government has declared a state of emergency for several weeks now. This summer, a student from Malawi participated in our internship program. During the short-term internship, we introduce her to our factory and products and let her try out our products first hand. She got to experience the solar charger and LED lantern.

Demand for Solar Chargers

Rural areas in Malawi do not have good electricity supply, but cell phones are very popular. Therefore, many people demand cell phone charging services. The Solar charger was developed on the basis of commercial use. The chargers are likely to be in high demand. Today we connected two chargers to a 100W solar module and demonstrated that we can connect to many gadgets at once.

Demand for LED lanterns

In rural areas of Malawi, many people use torches for night lights because they do not have access to the electricity grid. In the darkroom, ABE students tested the actual brightness. It is much brighter than she imagined and cannot be compared to the torches used in rural areas.