JICA Internship part1

JICA Internship
This summer, three new international students interested in our products and technology came to our company again for their own internships. Each of the international students came to Japan through different schemes. 
ABE Initiative, SDGs, and Satreps.
The main goal of the short-term internship is to build good relationships.

The duration of the short-term internship is only one week.
We explain our products using PowerPoint presentations and actual products. Afterwards, international students can try out the products and get to know the products and technology better.

We have our original technology for photovoltaic systems. We call this technology CAPOSOL. The CAPOSOL is a power system to run a wide range of electric appliances without a battery connection, and runs with solar energy.
Users don’t need to care about battery replacement costs, and can use various electric appliances even in the unelectrified area.

First, they tried out the solar charger. This is a handy charger driven by the CAPOSOL system. It can charge mobile phones, rechargeable lanterns, and other devices with solar energy. This is not for individual users, but for villages and charging service providers.