Opening a sales outlet in Dakar Final

Technology Transfer
We have completed the setup of the equipment. We use the time we have left to teach our business partner the technology on how to handle and maintain it. He reviewed the technology many times to make sure it took root.

Quality of Tap Water
There are two things we felt about the quality of the tap water in Dakar: first, it smells strongly of chlorine, and second, it is a bit turbid.
Photo, After purifying the tap water with the device for only 10 minutes, we took out the impurities we had removed and checked them.

Promotional Sales
We will actually conduct promotional sales on a trial basis to look for issues.
One of the goals of promotional sales is to let people in the community know about the store, but the weather changed and it rained heavily.Despite the bad weather, the line of people kept standing in line until the end of business, which shows how much people in the community want clean drinking water.