CAPOSOL Solar Power System Sells Out in South Sudan

Responding to High Demand
We have received a report from our business partner in South Sudan that our CAPOSOL solar power system has sold out much sooner than expected, which has prompted us to rapidly increase production. This high demand may be due to frequent power outages and the high cost of electricity in South Sudan, making efficient solar systems a crucial necessity. There is a severe shortage of people with the technical knowledge and expertise to install large solar panel systems in South Sudan, so our partners who have learned the necessary skills from our company are invaluable. We are addressing the issue of electricity shortages in Sub-Saharan Africa by localizing efficient solar systems.

ABE Initiative
The ABE Initiative has been highly effective in helping to foster localized business success in Africa by equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to create and manage successful businesses in their respective regions. By encouraging participants to learn from the Japanese business model while keeping the needs of their communities in mind, the program helps to create products and services that are both innovative and highly relevant.

Overall, the ABE Initiative has become a powerful tool for supporting the growth of local businesses in Africa, while simultaneously creating a new generation of leaders who are equipped with the skills needed to take their communities forward.

ABE student from South Sudan during internship