Water Purification

Filtration membrane cleaning mechanism


Water filtration systems that utilize the latest membrane technology require measures to prevent clogging of the membrane pores. Clogged pores can be eliminated by implementing membrane cleaning procedures. Systems that do not support these measures will have to replace the membrane when it becomes clogged.
Today, I will show you how the membrane is cleaned using a small piece of exhibition equipment.

There are three strings of filtration membranes in a transparent acrylic pipe. After a while of filtration, the water in the acrylic pipe gradually becomes cloudy. Then, dirt will adhere to the surface of the membranes. If this dirt is not removed, efficient filtration will not be possible.


By letting the water flow back, it is able to lift the dirt off the surface. This film is treated with a special coating, so the dirt can be easily removed.

Cleaning the membrane with air

When air is pumped into the water in an acrylic pipe, the bubbles can be used to clean the membrane.

After cleaning, the dirty water inside is discharged and water filtration is resumed.